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Women tufting chenille quilts. North Georgia, 1930s.

All About Chenille - a Book Review and a Handbag Upgrade

... enterprising depression-era women hand-tufted cotton bedspreads on their front porches, enlisting friends and neighbors to share the labor and reap the profits ...
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Liza at the For Home and Country exhibit.

Exhibit Visit - "For Home and Country: World War I Posters"

... They were propaganda -- a word often associated with negative intent, but in fact merely indicative of a purposeful effort to persuade ...
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Exhibit Visit - "Pierre Cardin: Pursuit of the Future" at SCADFash

Exhibit Visit - "Pierre Cardin: Pursuit of the Future" at SCADFash

... What follows are my own impressions and opinions, and lots of photos ...
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At SCADFash for Guo Pei exhibit.

Exhibit Visit - "Guo Pei: Couture Beyond" at SCADFash

... The short story is that I've never seen more exquisite garments, more beautifully made. That's saying something ...
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"Marie-Antoinette Is Dead" by Fabiola Jean-Louis

Gallery Visit - Rococo Reality Check at "Re-Writing History"

... Fabiola Jean-Louis' paper and photographic masterpieces contrast the lush beauty of 18th century finery and the ugly truth of slavery ...
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Shoes exhibit at SCADFash

Exhibit Visit - "Shoes: Pleasure and Pain" at SCADFash

... Here's a review of the Shoes: Pleasure and Pain exhibit, which was chock full of amazing shoes spanning 2,000+ years! ...
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Liza of BDV at the Parthenon in 1986.

It's Greek To Me: "Noble Marbles" Lecture and Exhibit at the Carlos Museum

... also a few amusingly clueless depictions of the ancient sites as imagined by those who’d never been ...
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Fashionable Silhouettes at the Mint Museum
Our house - a 1965 split-level ranch

Exhibit Visit - Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

... women were given lots of choices -- not of careers, mind you, but of appliances ...
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