30s Tricotene Metal Mesh Fabric

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From the 1930s, a rectangular piece of genuine "tricotene" French metal mesh netting for millinery, costume, or crafts.

Tricotene was typically used for millinery or other decorative purposes. I can see it incorporated into a medieval/Renaissance ensemble or trimming an Edwardian/Titanic era dress. So many options!

  • This is REAL metal mesh -- true metallic. It's not nylon or any other synthetic OR natural fiber.
  • It's very fine, but not as light as the same size piece of regular tulle or netting would be. It weighs 0.06 ounces, so it's not going to weigh you down, don't worry.
  • The color is a coppery gold. 
  • It's hard to photograph, and I hope I've captured it well enough for you to get an idea of what it's like and just how sparkly it is.
  • Feels really nice to the touch, just FYI.

Material: genuine metal mesh

Condition: There are areas toward the edges that look darker, likely from age-related tarnish which I'm betting you could clean if needed. It's perfectly fine as is.

Dimensions: at minimum, 27"/68.5cm x 19"/48.25cm 

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 Our items are not newly manufactured "vintage style" pieces. They are true vintage, at least 30 years old. Please read condition report provided above. 

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Sorry, this item has sold.
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