Quick & Easy Regency Hairstyle Tutorial

Quick & Easy Regency Hairstyle Tutorial

~ Originally posted as a Note on the BDV Facebook Page on April 23, 2017. ~


This worked well on my long, very thick hair.

Regency Hair Tutorial photo collage

Preheat a small-diameter curling iron.

1. Color grays (oops, forgot this step).
2. Make center part.
3. Make shallow parts from center to front of each ear. Clip out of the way.
4. Comb the rest back.
5. Gather top half into pony at center back of head, secure, twist into bun, pin in place.
6. Gather remainder, twisting upward and around existing bun, pin in place*.
- note that I usually use an old-fashioned hairnet (the invisible sort) to cover the bun and that I do the bun in two parts to distribute the hair's weight a bit. -
7. Unclip one side of front.
8. Take a small section (I made about 5 sections per side), curl lower half.
9. Loop uncurled length back on itself against your head and pin flat, leaving curl dangling on your forehead at desired length. Gather up and temporarily clip the hot curl.
10. Repeat until entire front is curled, pinned to head to shorten, and curls clipped to cool.
11. Spray with hairspray. Not too much.
12. Unclip fully cooled curls (don’t lose patience and unclip too soon or your curls will drop).
13. Use gray-covering stuff where needed and applicable. Ugh.
14. Put on your crazy hat! (Don’t have one? Learn to make one, here.)

With and without my crazy hat (Regency Tam)With and without my Regency Tam (aka Crazy Hat)

* If you have time, patience, strong arms, and won’t be wearing a hat that will hide your handiwork, you can make multiple braids with the lower half of your hair and go to town draping and wrapping them around the bun and over your head. Here’s an example from a mid-Victorian ball:

mid-Victorian ball hairstyle featuring braids
Hairstyle I wore to a mid-Victorian ball. Lots o' braids.

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