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Women tufting chenille quilts. North Georgia, 1930s.

All About Chenille - a Book Review and a Handbag Upgrade

... enterprising depression-era women hand-tufted cotton bedspreads on their front porches, enlisting friends and neighbors to share the labor and reap the profits ...
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Making 18th Century Patchwork Pockets

Making 18th Century Patchwork Pockets

... In Colonial Williamsburg I saw something that inspired me. Something that uses up scraps, doesn't require mathematical prestidigitation, and serves a function. Turns out, you don't need a formal, printed pattern, even if you aren't all that experienced or skilled ...
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Liza in 1876 does 1776.

Time Warp... and Weft (Part 2)

... sometimes, the anachronisms we see in costuming -- whether by a wardrobe-department pro, a museum docent, or an amateur reenactor -- may not be quite so... calculated ...
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