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60s Black Straw Hat - right side 1960s black straw and floral hat
Fashion Plate from 1850

Repairing a Victorian Bonnet

... I knew it was in rough shape, but the price was within reach, the sellers friendly, and you know I love rescuing old clothes ...
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Regency fashion plate with Spencer

Making a Regency Spencer From a Modern Jacket

... I count a Spandex-laden, polyester-lined, all-the-wrong-seams Regency jacket as a step in the right direction. It anticipates a return to the mask-free dress-up events I so enjoyed in "The Beforetimes" ...
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Typical edwardian hats.

Cobbling an Edwardian Hat

... Sure, you could buy an antique hat. But this was more fun. It's not difficult and requires no advanced sewing skills. It only takes time, patience, and a few supplies ...
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