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Winona Ryder takes aim at my recreation of her dress.

Recreating the Archery Dress from "The Age of Innocence"

The Archery Dress from the 1993 film The Age of Innocence, beloved by many, is my all-time favorite movie costume. It’s utterly beautiful. Sweet but not overly so. And the juxtaposition of deadly keen marksmanship and delicately cascading white ruffles? Divine. ...
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Fashion Plate from 1850

Repairing a Victorian Bonnet

... I knew it was in rough shape, but the price was within reach, the sellers friendly, and you know I love rescuing old clothes ...
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Regency fashion plate with Spencer

Making a Regency Spencer From a Modern Jacket

... I count a Spandex-laden, polyester-lined, all-the-wrong-seams Regency jacket as a step in the right direction. It anticipates a return to the mask-free dress-up events I so enjoyed in "The Beforetimes" ...
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Typical edwardian hats.

Recreating an Edwardian Hat

... Sure, you could buy an antique hat. But this was more fun. It's not difficult and requires no advanced sewing skills. It only takes time, patience, and a few supplies ...
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Women tufting chenille quilts. North Georgia, 1930s.

All About Chenille - a Book Review and a Handbag Upgrade

... enterprising depression-era women hand-tufted cotton bedspreads on their front porches, enlisting friends and neighbors to share the labor and reap the profits ...
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Making 18th Century Patchwork Pockets

Making 18th Century Patchwork Pockets

... Something that uses up scraps, doesn't require mathematical prestidigitation, and serves a function. Turns out, you don't need a formal, printed pattern, even if you aren't all that experienced or skilled ...
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Liza in 1876 does 1776.

Time Warp... and Weft (Part 2)

... sometimes, the anachronisms we see in costuming -- whether by a wardrobe-department pro, a museum docent, or an amateur reenactor -- may not be quite so... calculated ...
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The Atlanta Time Travelers at Biltmore Estate

Exhibit Visit - "A Vanderbilt House Party - The Gilded Age" at Biltmore Estate

... used original photographs and family records to faithfully recreate the clothing worn by George and Edith Vanderbilt, their family, houseguests, and servants ...
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The Time Warp, from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Let's Do The Time Warp ... and Weft

...Examples of costume designers playing fast and loose with history -- for any variety of reasons -- abound ...
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The Atlanta Time Travelers - Find Us on FB

Making a Victorian Carpet Bag

... It easily held a picnic blanket, full-size umbrella (the weather was iffy), snacks, water bottle, and more. So handy! ...
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Mid-Century Makeover - Revamping a 50s Gown & Jacket Set

... It wasn't expensive, so I could do some experimenting using my fledgling sewing skills without taking too big a risk ...
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carry bag for my hoop petticoat

Making a Carry Bag for My Hoop Petticoat

... Don't play dress-up in hoop skirts? Doesn't matter. You can carry just about anything in this spacious, simple-to-make, easy-to-clean bag ...
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