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Here are sites we like to visit, shops we patronize, and brick & mortar businesses we support and recommend. Please click through and take a look. You can tell them we sent you!


Vintage Clothing and Related Items:

La Roux Vintage - I bought this exquisite parasol from Erika, who provides wonderful customer service.

Mannequin Heads by Crunkleton - Our octogenarian friend Marge makes truly lovely display pieces. Beautiful "Cracked Jane," shown below, is her work.

Miss Farfalla - Beautiful vintage from a friendly proprietor with an artist's eye. Chris's fascinating Tumblr is worth a look, too!

Noble Vintage Clothier - One of our favorite sites to shop. Heather offers a broad range of high-quality true vintage clothing and accessories.

Treadle Treasures - Heather makes her Civil War reproduction garments the old-fashioned way and the results are beautiful.

Here she is at work:

and here I am in one of her corsets:
Wearing Heather's mid-Victorian corset

Viva Vintage Clothing - Our friend Amy has offered "Quality vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories since 1997" and we are happy customers.  
Our Favorite Blogs:

American Age Fashion - Lynn investigates how older American women have dressed from 1900 to now.

Living Fifties Fashion - Rita's wonderful blog examines and celebrates the fashions and lifestyles of the fabulous fifties.

The Vintage Traveler - My dear friend Lizzie is a true authority on all things vintage sportswear. Her blog is a steady source of fascinating information and fun facts. 

Other Favorite Web-Based Companies:

Impeccable Prose - Copyediting and proofreading services for authors and organizations. Extensive experience in academic, business, and medical publishing. Let us make your manuscript or web site the best it can be. When clarity and accuracy are key, rely on us.

Elegance Lamps - Crystal's one-of-a-kind, custom and ready-to-ship Victorian and Bohemian lamps are absolutely exquisite. Take a look! 

The Jewelry Repair Company - Professional, reasonably priced and super-friendly. Your vintage jewelry repair specialists.

Vintage Textile Soak - Got stains? If this stuff can't get it out, nothing will. Gentle on your most delicate vintage items.

Atlanta Brick & Mortar Businesses:

2 Crafty Chicks - Owners Anna and Dede run this first-rate children's arts+crafts studio like a well-oiled machine.

Finders Keepers Consignment Shops - The very best in nearly new fashion and furnishings. Bonnie's staff are friendly and helpful.

Wardrobes by Lillian Charles - Personable and creative, Lillian can style a whole new look for you, using what you already own!

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