60s/70s Bubble Umbrella

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From the late 1960s or early 1970s, a collapsing/telescoping mod "bubble" umbrella.

  • Stop-sign red, with four clear "windows"
  • No pointy parts to put out your eye, all the metal bits are nicely rounded
  • Handy hanging chain
  • Made in Canada

To open the umbrella -- first, pull up on the nubbin at the top to extend, then open as you would any umbrella, by pressing the little red button on the shaft and pushing up until it clicks (this takes a bit of pressure when you reach the top -- it's nice and sturdy). Do the opposite to fold it back down. 

Who doesn't love a bubble umbrella? These were all the rage when I was a little kid (not coincidentally, in the late 1960s and early 70s), and I remember the fun of looking through the little vinyl windows as I walked to school on a rainy day.

Labels: Knirps

Materials: the tag says 100% nylon, but aren't the windows vinyl?, the rest is metal with a bit of very sturdy plastic

Condition: Minor signs of age/wear to the clear windows. I think there once was a matching case, now long gone. Although there's no strap to hold it closed, it doesn't appear there ever was one. When closing the umbrella, if you slide the end bits ("tips") into the handle, as shown in the composite image, it stays closed just fine.

Dimensions: Measures 29.5" across when fully open from any tip to the opposite tip. That is, it's 29.5" in diameter at the bottom edge of the bubble.

 Our items are not newly manufactured "vintage style" pieces. They are true vintage, at least 30 years old. Please read condition report provided above. 

Notes: International customers are responsible for any taxes or import fees. 


Sorry, this item has sold.
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