Micromosaic Frame and Box Set

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Brass frame and box with exquisite floral micro mosaic inlay. Even the feet of the easel-back picture frame are inlaid with tiny glass tesserae. Carefully pop off the back cover with an open safety pin (or similar) in the tiny hole to place your photo. Hinged, saucer-shaped box has scroll design on the upper edge and outer rim of the inlaid lid. The reflective metal "mirror" surface on the lid interior suggests it was used for holding pills, snuff, or face powder. Made in Italy.

Micro-mosaic dressing table items and jewelry have been popular since the 17th century, and were all the rage among wealthy travelers to Italy in the mid-19th century. These pieces are most likely later. We suspect they're from the early 1940s, but they could be late Victorian or Edwardian. They're not a perfectly matched set, but we acquired them together and we think they belong together. 

Labels: box is stamped "Made in Italy"

Condition: we can see no missing tesserae. there's a dent on the lower edge of the box, which isn't visible unless you pick it up and turn it over. the glass in the picture frame is a bit rough around the edges. there's overall patina to the brass, and a smidge of verdigris at the top of the twisted-wire easel of the frame, but we've seen enough episodes of Antiques Roadshow to leave any polishing up to the buyer. 

 frame is 2-5/8" (6.5cm) high, including
  feet x 2-1/8" (5.5cm) wide
 box is 1.75" (4.5cm) in diameter, .75" (2cm) high

(BDV SKU: 00547-001)

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Sorry, this item has sold.
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