I Can't Find a Thing That Ain't Got That Bling

I Can't Find a Thing That Ain't Got That Bling

My wallet died, and I needed a replacement. If you've read this earlier post, or we're personally acquainted, you know I tend to be less-than-thrilled with most modern options, regardless of category. But how hard could it be to find a suitable wallet?

I was already heading to fashionable Buckhead for an appointment, so I'd spend the rest of the morning at Lenox Square. Housing higher-end chains (Anthropologie, Madewell), designer boutiques (Michael Kors), and department stores such as Bloomingdales and Neiman-Marcus, surely the enormous mall held a wallet I could live with. I'd worry about price when I found something I liked.

My new wallet should be well-made and feel good in my hand. It should be small and lightweight (my purse is heavy enough). It should be sleek and smooth, with space for several credit cards, paper money, coins, photographs*, and my constant stream of dry-cleaning claim tickets. An ID window would be a big plus. 

As usual, what I wanted and what everyone else wanted were worlds apart. When it comes to wallets, what people want, apparently, is big, covered in logos or initials or both, and dripping with metallic doo-dads.

If you happen to have the initials MK or CK or LV, and want them splattered on your small accessories, you're in luck.

But I don't. And the last time I spent that much time looking at initials, they were my own -- written in the margin of my junior-high-school notebooks, combined in various permutations with those of my current crush.

Many of the wallets reminded me of cars with excessive cladding. You know, that metal or plastic molding that's supposed to impart heightened luxury or sportiness? Can a car be trying too hard?

Can a wallet?


Some models managed to combine both, for the ultimate blinged-out effect:

Sure, there are individuals who, upon finding any of the above wallets would cry, "OMG! It's perfect!" And yes, that's what makes the world interesting. As my mom says, "Fortunately, there's vanilla and chocolate." Yes, yes. That's all well and good. But I still couldn't find a wallet that I, untrendy, unhip dinosaur that I am, really liked.

I did find a few that came close. But, they still weren't perfect, and I could neither justify nor afford the cost ($575 and $750, respectively):

Yes, I'd already searched for a vintage model, and even found an old Coach wallet I liked. It had only the tiniest logo, stamped into the interior. Nearly perfect, but it was too big:

So, I got online. And found this:

Next day, I headed to Nordstrom to see if this Halogen wallet looked (and felt) as good to me in person as it did on the web site. Woohoo! At $58, free from any visible logos, bling, cladding or other silliness, my new wallet makes me happy every time I use it. 

Mission accomplished.

* Yes, of course, I'm the last person still carrying actual photographs of my family in my wallet. Are you surprised?


Liza Dolensky

No you’re not the last person to carry actual photos, I have my wedding photo in my wallet, we’ve been married 26 years ;).

My latest wallet (which is looking rather tatty but I can’t quite face the ordeal of searching for a new one) has two ID windows which I was very excited about. Sigh. The things that excite us……

Liza Dolensky

I enjoyed reading about your search for the perfect wallet and dread the day when I will have to make that search myself. I am in love with my current wallet which is a purple patent leater Versace wallet (no logos, just a tiny silver emblem). I LOVE it so much. I purchased it about 18 years ago at Century 21 in lower Manhattan. I was about $90 which was a big deal for me in those days but at this point the cost per use is in the fractions of a pennny. Best of all, it is literally in brand new condition. It shows virtually no sign of wear whatsoever. Here’s to at least another 18 years with my beautiful purple wallet.

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